Colour Poetry: Poet’s Art 2020

18 February 2020

Poetry and art always complement each other. Even though it may not obey the same rules and law, both come from the inner heart and the feelings of the creator. As soon as I heard about this exhibition "Color Poetry", I was amazed by the concept of it where the art has been drawn by the poets.

With that said I have asked one of the well-known poets as well an artist, Sayar Thit Sar Ni about the details of the" Color Poetry”, “For me I have been drawing as a hobby and it’s kind of a normal thing for me now to draw what I feel and express it. This art show is special as the artists are the poets. You can see the new perspective of how poem translate into art and how it compliments each other. In this show I have painted Myanmar's traditional Anyeint actress dancing in quiet different styles and color. The medium that uses for the painting is pastel and the art style can be called realism. As this Color Poetry is the fourth time now, I am still reminiscing our first year of the poet’s collaboration. With all those meanings that I have stated, we have given the name "Color Poetry: Poet's Art".

Sayar Thit Sar Ni also added to why poem and an art is parallel to each other how it compliments each other, "As everyone already knows, poem is an art in which is constructed by words, whereas an art is constructed by colors. In my perspective, art is a poetic scene which the words have been translated into colors and picture, whereas the poem is the word play in which the colors, lines and picture simplified. Both are so closely linked to one another that they usually work hand in hand. However, when you consider the definitions of the words, the distinction emerges. Purpose deals with the poem's intended use or result, while meaning deals with the poem's content and message."

In this art show U Min Ko Naing has also participated as his passion for painting has been strong as the time passes. He has constantly been focusing on supporting the future of our country by giving speech in the universities and schools. With that said let’s hear out his perspective and emotions that he has put in his art, "Participating in the art show is a dream for me. As I am the son of an artist, I am always in touched with arts and painting. Since I was young told myself that one day, I will participate in an art show like. But as my life curves into what it has been, I had doubt myself and my life. With all those Passionate thoughts I have even drawn some in the prison with charcoal and bricks. As there was no one to see my drawings at that time, if compared to now, I am really happy to even see a few people interested in my art."


Art is a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts— artworks—that express the author’s imaginative or technical skill, and are intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. With that said, U Min Ko Naing also told MIRadio how he understands art, "I believe art as a language that everyone can understand. Even though there may be different presentations and art style going on in each individual, we could still see what that person is thinking if we give time on that piece of art. Art is versatile and it is endless possibility, which for me is one of the most beautiful perks of art. You might realize that kids express their feelings through art even if they can't speak with their mouth yet, isn't it adorable ?”