Changes to be made to YPS devices after test run

20 February 2020

Currently, the YPS devices are using the speech sound to signal the transaction activity and soon it will be changed into beep sound to make it faster.                         

This was noted at the Yangon Region Transport Authority’s regular press meeting on Wednesday.

The 11-day test was run on 1458 YBS buses as the first phase. 95 people were assigned to do various tests on the devices and cards to find out the technical error.

Recently, the report from the test run project showed that it takes long when the device responds to the transaction activity and so they will replace it with the beep sound to make the activity faster.

U Hla Aung, Joint Secretary of the YRTA"We ran the YPS devices test on 1458 buses. We assigned 95 people to test the devices and cards. The project ran from Jan 31 to Feb 9, for 11 days. The feedbacks were recorded and reports were discussed to tackle the technical setbacks. One of the issues that we need to handle is that...we heard that the device reads "Success" and "Thank you" as an automated voice response to the card use. It takes about 1-1.5 sec to finish the process and so it's a bit slow especially during the rush hours, when loads of passengers take the bus. So if we use beep sound, it will be faster for the activity and there is no blockage of passengers on the exit and entrance."

The Yangon Bus Service (YBS) aims to implement the card payment system in order to solve the problem of shortage of notes and to discontinue using the cash box system.

The Asia Starmar, the tinder winning payment service provider has been closely working with the authority to implement the YPS system.

On the first phase, 1458 buses were set for the test project, among which 113 were not tested as they were under maintenance.

Therefore, on the remaining 113 buses and another host of 432 buses, the tests will be conducted as the second phase.

So far, the YPS devices have been installed in 1890 YBS buses for the first pilot project.

Payment card (YPS) devices are installed on 500 buses from the Yangon Urban Public Transport Company, on 500 buses of the Yangon Bus Public Company, on 300 buses from Bandoola Company and on over 80 buses from Shwe Taungbaing Company.

U Aung Nyi Nyi Maw, Managing Director of YRTA said "After discussion with the bus companies on report, we found some things that we need to urgently tackle. There is the firmware update. We did test run on 1458 buses, among which 1345 buses had the test run as 113 is were under service. The tests include testing the distance between device and cards, testing the device capacity during peak hours where many people use the devices at the same time. And we really encourage people to queue when they get on and alight the buses so that they can tap the card to the device systematically."

The YPS devices are worth of 390 USD each and they are kept insurance.

The authority also tested the duration that the money was transferred to the device and then to the banks.

The technology company and the buses company give their feedback and report.

Yangon Bus System (YBS) is the main transportation mode of the commercial city.

Off about 7 million people living in Yangon, about 2 million commuters use public transport on a daily basis.

Arker Kyaw