17 Scholars were selected for Lincoln scholarship program

19 February 2020

Seventeen young leaders from eight different states and regions from Myanmar were selected by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide Lincoln scholarship program. The seventeen young professionals are going to begin their studies for master’s degree later this year at universities in U.S. The scholars selected from among 266 diverse applicants will study in development-focused fields such as Agriculture, Public Policy, Public Health, National Resource Management, Political Science and Tourism. 

U.S Ambassador Mr. Scot Marciel delivered his remarks to the first cohort of USAID Lincoln scholars in the occasion. The U.S Ambassador told MI Radio what were the purposes of the scholarship program as well. 

Scot Marciel, Ambassador, U.S Embassy to Myanmar “This is the program that over five year program, we’re excepting to send hundreds of Myanmar scholars to the United States for their master’s degrees. I think, we can send over hundreds of people over five years, and we can go and get a really high and quality education. And the range of filed, it is really important that people from all around the country not just from Yangon and Mandaly but from all around the country, from different backgrounds and different interests. Hundreds of people will come back highly trained even better than the educating they already are. They all are dedicated and committed to help Myanmar progress.”  

The USAID partnered with the Institute of International Education to offer the scholarships. Lincoln scholarship program named in honor of the 16th president of the United States was the five-year project. This seventeen people is the first batch of the project and there would be two more batches within five years. The USAID Lincoln scholarship program will begin recruiting its second batch of applicants for the 2021 academic year. 

Ma Shwe Yi Phoo Phoo is one of the seventeen scholars for this year. And she said her experiences for this scholarship and she also suggested and encouraged the students who are dreaming of winning scholarship and study abroad. 

Ma Shwe Yi Phoo Phoo, Scholar  “Most students in Myanmar dare to apply for the scholarships from U.S and Australia because these scholarships are really competitive. I just want to suggest them that the first step is that they just have to apply for scholarship if they are really keen to study abroad. And the second is that they must have their passionate fields to learn. We need to have the ability to present the board how much we are really taking an interest in our field and we have to show how we committed to contributing towards Myanmar in return. 

In the past years, there is one thing to point out the scholars from Myanmar. There are some cases that the scholars from Myanmar were not much committed to coming back but stayed and worked in abroad even after their scholarship period is over. Some of them did not come back to Myanmar to give out their experiences and knowledge.

Kay Myat, Deputy Chief for Lincoln Scholarship Program, also mentioned her opinion on the matter and how the program team builds trust on their scholars and the opportunities they give to the scholars.

Daw Kay Myat, Deputy Chief, Lincoln Scholarship Program “Well, when we collect our scholars, we interviewed them. And for a part of interview, we really get to know them and to know their experience, their education background and also their professional background. And based on that, we can pretty much get engaged if they are committed to the country and to the development of the country. And that’s what we are looking for. Because we do when our scholars come back and work for the development of the country. It is the trust that we put in our scholars. There is no control that we can’t really say anything in term of what they should do. But we make a very clear that they are to come back and to work for the country.”

Phyo Thi